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Smart Trend - Malleable Cat Scratching Board

Smart Trend - Malleable Cat Scratching Board

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2 in 1 malleable shape design: The cat scratching board has a fun shape and malleable design. It's perfect for cats to rub and play with, and kittens love to play with their claws and grab the bell inside. Suitable for cats of all ages. Quality and environmental material: The cat scratching board is made of naive corrugated cardboard and corn starch glue, which is high quality and environmentally friendly and can be recycled. Adopt honeycomb encryption and thickening design, the gap is tight, strong and durable and does not hurt the claws. Functionality: The scratching board can be folded into a bone shape, so cats can play with the bell inside and scratch as they wish. It can also be folded into a kitten bed to sleep in. A great gift for kittens. In addition, this scratching board for cats releases the cat's natural instincts and can accompany them from childhood to adulthood.


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