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Smart Trend - Back Stretcher

Smart Trend - Back Stretcher

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Our back stretcher has 96 massage points, 10 physiotherapy magnets that promote blood circulation and improve the use effect. It has a soft cushion, removable silicone strip and is durable. Three functions: Acupuncture, magnetic field therapy and massage. Durable and easy to use: it is made of high quality PP material, excellent toughness and not easy to break. The maximum load capacity is 150 kg. Easy to install, removable and easy to carry, so it can be used anytime, anywhere. Adjustable gears: 3 adjustable settings, suitable for all ages and different training needs. The higher the height of the backrest, the larger the back stretcher. You can attach this back bracket in the most convenient area. Lie down and rest twice a day for five minutes to relieve stress, relax and exercise the lumbar spine. Pain relief and correct posture: This ergonomically designed back stretcher can help you maintain good sitting posture, relax tight muscles, reduce chronic back pain and correct posture imbalances and restore the natural line of the spine. The device is of course not a miracle cure, but it can help solve blockages.


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